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Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Spring, TX

Prevent Future Oral Health Problems With Wisdom Tooth Extractions

young person smiling while standing in kitchen Has a dentist recently informed you that you’re going to need a wisdom tooth extraction? This can seem like a daunting task ahead of you, but with the right trustworthy team of dental professionals behind you, the process will be simple and smooth. Dr. Clifton Baldwin has over three decades of experience practicing both general and cosmetic dentistry. He utilizes the latest technology and treatments available so you can receive highest quality of care without worrying about any pain or discomfort. Let us remove your wisdom teeth and ease your aching mouth by scheduling an appointment with us today!

X-ray of wisdom teeth

What is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth are also known as your third molars, which are the four permanent teeth located towards the back corners of your top and bottom arches. Typically, these will begin to grow in during your late teenage years or early twenties. Dentists usually recommend getting them extracted if they’re going to pose a threat to your oral health. This is a procedure that can be performed by a dentist or oral surgeon, depending on the position and angle that they’re growing in at.

person holding their jaw in pain

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

Depending on your dentist, they may recommend removing your wisdom teeth early, before the roots are fully fused with your jawbone. However, most patients have them removed by the time they’re young adults, because they’ll begin to cause discomfort and pain. The best way to learn when you should have your wisdom teeth extracted is to speak with Dr. Clifton Baldwin. He would typically recommend removing them if there’s any evidence of:

What Could Happen If I Don’t Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When you visit Dream Smile Team for your routine checkups and cleanings, our team of dental professionals will take digital X-ray images of your mouth to learn whether your wisdom teeth need to be extracted. The procedure is typically used as a preventive precaution to help you avoid future oral health problems such as:

How Should I Take Care of My Mouth After The Procedure?

After getting your wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Baldwin, there are some aftercare instructions you’ll need to follow to make sure that your gums heal properly. When you get home after the procedure, be sure to:

Dr. Baldwin will provide you with a list of aftercare instructions to follow to help you avoid any post-operative complications. After you get home, if you have any questions or begin experiencing anything that has you worried, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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