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Root Canal Therapy – Spring, TX

Pain-Relieving, Smile-Saving Dental Care

Young woman holding ice pack to cheekIf you’re like most people, you probably haven’t heard many positive things about root canal therapy in Spring, TX. In many cases, it’s often used as the paragon of unpleasant experiences: “Sitting through that meeting was like getting a root canal.”

Well, we’re here to tell you that despite this dubious reputation, a root canal is actually a painless procedure that is one of the best ways to relieve severe dental pain. That’s right! Thanks to modern techniques, a root canal now feels very similar to getting a standard filling. With this procedure, we can save even the most damaged teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Patient and dentist looking at x-ray on computer

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

The teeth are actually composed of 3 different layers. You have enamel on the outside, and within it is a layer of a substance called dentin. Within that lies the dental pulp, and this is where the nerve of your tooth resides. Normally, a cavity is limited to just the enamel. However, if it is left alone for a long time (or if the tooth sustains a traumatic injury), it can reach this inner layer and infect/damage the nerve, causing a large amount of discomfort. This is why many people consider a root canal to be painful, not the procedure itself!

In order to repair this kind of problem, a root canal is simply the best solution.

Young woman in dental chair holding cheek

Signs that You Might Need a Root Canal

Animation of the inside of a tooth

How a Root Canal Works

When you come to see Dr. Clifton Baldwin because you are feeling dental pain, he will examine your teeth to determine the cause. If he determines that a root canal is the right course of treatment, it will involve 4 basic steps:

You will receive local anesthesia before your procedure, and you’ll be able to ask any questions you might have. Thanks to Dr. Baldwin’s light touch and decades of experience, you’ll be amazed at what you DON’T feel during a root canal. Afterward, your tooth should immediately feel much better. Typically, a root canal can be completed in just one visit.

Want to Know More?

If you are currently dealing with a severe toothache, there’s no need to suffer. A root canal is a reliable and painless solution, and your only regret will be not getting one sooner. If you have any more questions about this treatment or believe that you might need one, simply contact our office today for an appointment.

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